Just a few years ago, electronic cigarettes were a novelty that a few people tried once in a while. The word spread by mouth, more or less, for
quite a while. Then advertisements began to show up on television. The word spread a little more, and those advertised brands were nice but very expensive. The cost factor was what caused a number of smokers to ignore them.

Vaping has come a long way since the introduction of that first brand. The fact that there is no smoke and only water vapor are what most people like about it. They can stand and vape right under a “No Smoking” sign, and no one will say a thing about it. You can carry an e-cigarette in your pocket like a pen, or you can even carry one with a lanyard, and wrap it around your neck. The neat thing about it is that it is off until you take a puff. The battery is not on all the time, and it is not producing a vapor or anything until you take a puff. You can surreptitiously take a vapor puff anywhere you like, and all that comes out is a small amount of water vapor. That makes it harmless to family and friends, and no one can really complain about second-hand smoke. Of course, there will be people who will try to control other people’s lives — if not about vaping, then it will be about something else. But let us not get into psychology or politics here.

People complained about the price of the e-cigarettes, and suddenly, we discover that the cost per puff is way, way cheaper than a cigarette. Added to that fact is that you do not need a lighter. You do not need an ashtray. And, you can vape to your heart’s content on so many different flavors, it is mind boggling.

At first, the electronic cigarettes tasted like a harsh, old cigarette, and were way too strong, so you could only take a tiny puff, or you would be coughing all day. Then they made them a little milder, and then, lo and behold, they came out with a menthol. The menthol tasted like a mouthful of cough drops and a rough pile of ashes combined, but it was menthol, nonetheless. Eventually, the scene got better.

Refillable’s came out. You could get the electronic cigarette with the battery, and you could replace the cartridge inside with a new one. You could even replace the battery. Now, e-cigs were able to really compete with tobacco products. They had much more going for them: the safety, the lack of smoke, the flavors, adjustable amounts of vapor, and now, price. The price was a big factor. Nowadays, e-cigarettes are far cheaper than tobacco cigarettes. It is pretty easy to figure out. When a cigarette is smoked, it sits in an ashtray or is held in the hand, and the smoke is just drifting away, smelling up the room, burning money. With an e-cigarette, the thing is off until puffed. There is no waste of vapor. None. Zero. Per puff, when you really look closely, an electronic cigarette costs one tenth of a tobacco cigarette. When you light a cigarette, you are now obligated to smoke the whole thing, or put it out and waste it. With an e-cigarette, take a puff now, and maybe in ten or twenty minutes, you might take another puff. With a tobacco cigarette, you would be lighting your second or third cigarette in that length of time. That is how that little formula was computed. Check out the prices, and you will agree. Electronic cigarettes have tobacco cigarettes beat by miles!

The rest of the story brings us to the present. They came in flavors. They came in kits where you could control what strength of nicotine was in the mix. Vista Vapors has refills from zero nicotine all the way to 18 milligrams! You can choose the strength you want, just like that. They also have the hardware to where you can control the amount of vapor per puff. It is all in the kit that you get.

Vaping has no longer become a hidden cigarette replacement. It has come into its own right as a pleasurable past time. Vista Vapors realizes this, and they seem to have the best combinations of flavors. You owe it to yourself to try them. They even have Ice Cream Cone as a flavor!

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