Over the past ten years, a new type of smoking has appeared on the scene. At first, few people tried these new e-cigarettes because they seemed to be strange-looking as if sucking on an ink pen. But that stigma disappeared when the television ads became fairly aggressive with the idea of how you can ‘smoke’ in non-smoking areas because of the fact that the only ‘smoke’ coming out of the thing is water vapor.

Yes, you read that correctly. It is only water vapor. There is no second-hand smoke, and no dangerous by-products floating around in the air. Some of these ingenious devices come with a lanyard, or strap, that holds the e-cig around your neck. That way, it is readily available, and you do not have to light it. It is not on all the time, so there is no battery waste, either. It only heats up the nicotine and water mixture when you inhale it. You can use your e-cig for ‘vaping’ just about anywhere you want, even right beneath a “No Smoking” sign. Some people will never even realize that you just took a puff of your e-cigarette.

Another great thing about e-cigarettes is that you do not have to light them. You do not have to carry a lighter with you. You do not have to carry a pack of cigarettes with you. All you have to do is wrap the lanyard around your neck, and you can go into a ‘no smoking’ area confident that you will not be tossed on the street for lighting up.

These little e-cigs are available at convenience stores, gas stations, and in many grocery stores and super stores. In other words, they have become so popular that it is impossible to go somewhere that does not sell them. There are even stores that specialize in these new e-cigs and the replacement devices.

There are flavors. There are literally hundreds of different flavors and strengths. Some places sell the kits, which will be the device itself, the transparent tube to see how much you have left, several different strengths and flavors, and other accessories. You can get a complete kit with just the device and some replacement tubes, or you can get a device and pour your own liquid into the device.

That is where these flavors come it. Each flavor will have different strengths, so you can make a very weak e-cig that will help you quit smoking, or you can make an-cigarette as strong and tasty as you want. There are even tobacco flavors so that it tastes like the cigarette you just smoked. And of course, there is every fruit in the world represented by at least one or two of the companies that make these little wonders.

There are fruits and fruit combinations, just as if you were buying yogurt or gelatin. You can even mix your own flavors. There are kits available online with every item you need to start enjoying a smoke without the smoke today.

Some people use these e-cigarettes to quit smoking. They can decrease the amount of nicotine slowly, over a period of time. And it is easy to quit from there.

Or, some people get these out of concern for friends and family. Since there are no harmful chemicals being spewed into the air, they sit back and enjoy a ‘cigarette’ with the confidence that no one is breathing in smoke from their ‘cigarette’ and inhaling second-hand smoke.

But, in the long run, we think that most people just enjoy the freedom of smoking without the hassle of the smoke. And those flavors are amazing.

The cost factor involved is interesting, also. If you smoke one pack of cigarettes per day, that is 600 cigarettes or 20 per day. Most people smoke a little more than that. What it costs to smoke that much in one month will buy you a kit and some extra cartridges. And, the point is, that will last far longer, because the e-cigarette is not burning all the time, and the battery is not on. It does not activate until you take a puff. You just take a puff when you want one. You do not have to finish the whole ‘cigarette’ at all.

It is cheaper, safer, more convenient, and tastes better. Try one today. Or go on the web and look for them. You will be amazed at what a difference these e-cigs will make in your life and your pocketbook.