Vaping’s rise from obscurity to mainstream consciousness is not an accident. It may almost seem like it happened too fast but perhaps it was just a case of an idea whose time has come. A lot of people have long been searching for a product like this. When it entered the market, light bulbs went on all over the world and it quickly became a hit. It is now a multi-billion dollar industry with several million users from different countries. The motivations that drive the use of e-cigs vary from person to person. However, three main reasons have emerged in surveys. We look at each of them below:

To Quit Smoking

Most gravitate to electronic cigarettes in an attempt to reduce dependence on tobacco, if not quit altogether. The difficulty of quitting the habit is well-documented with people sometimes trying several times over the course of their lifetime without getting the results they want. The main culprit is nicotine which is an addictive substance in conventional cigarettes. Once the body gets a taste for it, it will crave the substance and rebel when it doesn’t get its fix. People become physically dependent on tobacco to the point that they exhibit withdrawal symptoms if they can’t smoke for some time.

Electronic cigarette technology provides smokers with a viable alternative. E-liquids placed inside the hardware may contain nicotine in different amounts. They allow people to get their fix and decrease it gradually by using bottles of lower concentration as their body adapts. Eventually, they will be able to wean themselves out of it and use flavors that have no nicotine content at all while being perfectly fine. The gradual reduction of nicotine content is thought to be a smarter way to achieve this goal as it avoids the withdrawal symptoms that come with quitting cold turkey. At the very least, this allows smokers to reduce their dependence on tobacco.

To Get Healthier

It is not just nicotine that makes conventional cigarettes bad for you. It also contains several other substances that cause health issues which may eventually lead to death. In fact, cigarette smoking is estimated to cause about half a million deaths in the US every year. That’s much more than the mortality numbers compiled for alcohol use, drug use, HIV, firearm injuries, and car accidents. It is the overwhelming cause of lung cancer deaths among both genders. In fact, more women die every year from lung cancer than breast cancer. The risk of coronary heart disease and stroke is also increased by smoking conventional cigarettes.

Smokers who have seen the consequences up-close with their friends and family often get a wake-up call. Reading about these statistics may also make them seriously think about their health. Many resolves to make a change once they begin to experience the ill effects on their body. Hopefully, they are able to shift into a healthier lifestyle sooner rather than later. E-cigs do not contain the same harmful substances found in tobacco so it doesn’t pose the same health risks. For instance, there is no tar that can build up in the lungs. There is also no carbon monoxide produced with the vapor. However, the jury is still out on its long-term effects.

To Go Around Bans

A lot of people are also using e-cigs to get their fix despite bans on smoking in public. To be technical about it, only conventional cigarettes are outlawed in most jurisdictions. People could smoke in the privacy of their homes but they cannot do so out in the streets where their smoke could potentially affect others around them. Doing so may result in a fine or worse. However, they could always whip out their e-cig and vape without any worries unless the laws change to broaden the ban. They can switch between the two depending on the circumstances.

Not all bans are official as described above. Sometimes people refrain from smoking because their jobs disallow it. Perhaps it is not tolerated within the premises but they can vape all they want. The smell of cigarette smoke can also be off-putting which makes it frowned upon when meeting with clients. When you need to put your best foot forward, you need to appear presentable and avoid anything that could turn off the clients. Not everyone at home may be happy about smoking as well. Maybe they simply don’t like the smell or perhaps they are sensitive to the smoke. Vaping may be a viable compromise.