Many electronic cigarette kits come with a few small samples of vape liquids and, if you are lucky, you will find one in the kit that is a flavor you like. However, many people find those sample juicess do not quite suit their taste. Fortunately, manufacturers make several different varieties or flavor combinations. In fact, the sheer number of options makes choosing a vape juices difficult for some new vape users. Some users complicate matters by refusing to take a chance on spending money on a fluid they might not like or use. If you need help, these tips can help you narrow the field and select an e-liquid that suits your preferences and tastes.

Begin by Deciding the Vape Flavor You Like the Most

Vape liquid producers quickly recognized that users do not all have the same tastes. To meet the demand, they have developed many different flavors of e-liquids. One way to narrow your choices is to make a last containing the flavors you enjoy the most. If you are a former smoker who is using a vape to transition away from smoking, you might find e-liquids that provide a rich tobacco flavor to be a favorite. However, if you prefer fruity or sweet flavors, look at vaping fluids that offer these options. Even if a flavor is not exactly right, you may find that mixing it with a second liquids gives you the taste you have been seeking. Some vape users prefer liquids that provide large vapor clouds, which is typical of fluids that contain a larger percentage of vegetable glycerin than propylene glycol. For a less showy vape, choose a higher percentage of propylene glycol.

Always Choose a Quality Product

There are many companies manufacturing vape juices today. However, manufacturing conditions vary greatly. Even two liquids carry the same flavor name, they can’t be made from vastly different ingredients. Most vendors offer products that include information about the mixing conditions and ingredients in the product. Like other products, with vape fluids, the price you pay often determines the quality of the product. Many users find that cheaper vape fluids provide an experience that is not desirable. For greatest satisfaction, choose fluids made with the highest quality standards from suppliers. Remember, the e-liquid you buy eventually end up in your lungs.

DIY Experimentation

Sometimes you just need to experiment until you find an e-liquid flavor that you enjoy on a routine basis. Consider purchasing from 6 to 12 different flavors you think might be appealing. If you like some of these, but vaping is not providing the experience you expected when buying an electronic cigarette, take the next step of experimenting by mixing the flavors.

Electronic cigarette vendors sell several accessories and products that you can use for experimenting. This equipment allows you to mix some of the juice flavors you find most enjoyable, to form a new flavor that could be your favorite. Former menthol cigarette smokers often find they can create a more desirable flavor by mixing tobacco and mint or menthol. You should not fear to mix these combinations as this is often a key to discovering your favorite.

Enjoy the Benefits of Switching Flavors

Just because you finally settle on a favorite, avoid the rut of vaping the same flavor continually. As your taste buds adjust to your new favorite, the flavor can start to lose its appeal. Your sense of taste can become more discerning and, as a result, that flavor becomes boring. You can avoid this by occasionally filling the tank with a different flavor. Even if the new flavor does not replace your older favorite, it can break the monotony. Once you finish the tank, switch back to your old standby and you may find you enjoy it as much as you did in the past.

Selecting the best vape juice requires you begin with a top-quality product. While you should avoid the cheapest flavors for best results, you do not necessarily need to buy the most expensive. Do not be afraid to experiment until you discover some that your find satisfying for you. The Internet is also a great resource to discover what flavors others prefer. No matter how experienced you are at using electronic cigarettes, you can learn new tricks that make vaping a more enjoyable experience for you.